MetaTrader 4 Platform For Forex Trading and Technical Analysis


Best Features Of MT 4 Platform And Technical Analysis 

MetaTrader 4 is a very popular trading platform where you can trade in forex currency. But it is most popularly used by forex traders as a free-of-charge forex trading platform. MT 4 has all the essential and useful features that let a trader deal with ease.  Visit session forex


 The easy interface and technical aspects of this platform make it highly convenient to use. It offers a wide range of technical analysis options as well for ease of trading. Even if you are a newcomer in this industry, you can easily access the financial market and perform forex trading using MT 4.  


This platform is exclusively designed for forex trading and futures trading. It makes analysis of the financial market easy. You can perform advanced trading operations, run trading robots also known as expert advisors and do copy trading.  


Technical Analysis Of MT 4 

The MT 4 platform gives you wide analytical opportunities. You can watch every symbol in nine different time frames to understand the price dynamics in detail. You get 24 graphic objects and 30 technical indicators for a more comprehensive analysis of price dynamics. With MT 4 you can do a useful technical analysis to understand the market movements to catch the best time to trade. The MT 4 platform supports 3 kinds of trade execution modes. You can have access to quick trading functions that allow you to send trading orders straight from the chart in one click.


The tick chart feature helps to determine the entry and exit points accurately. MT 4 has so many useful functions and features that you can implement different trading strategies in the forex currency exchange market. This platform has many advanced trading and analytical features. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate; it helps a trader easily understand the functions and workings of the platform.  


MT 4 provides the highest level of security standards. Data exchange between the client and platform server is encrypted. The MT 4 platform supports the RSA digital signatures. All these security features assure the protection of your trading account. In addition to all these, the MT 4 trading platform has a detailed user guide where you will get answers to all the questions you may have. The trading platform is easy and convenient to use so that you can concentrate on trading rather than making out the complexities of a platform. Visit Mex Group


The MQL 4 - The Programming Language Used By MT 4 

The MQL 4 is developed and marketed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. The scripts are written to facilitate automated trading and customise technical indicators, libraries and scripts. You will shortly get to know what are these things in this article.  


Meta Quotes Language 4 is a trading programming language used for developing trading robots, technical indicators, scripts, libraries, etc. These functions improve the trading skills of a trader when performing in the forex market. This programming language is based on C++ programming language. The MQL 4 is such a flexible programming language that it can manage a large number of calculations along with all trading robots and indicator parameters.  


This programming language contains all the functions for managing trading orders. The MQL 4 creates applications that can perform the tasks of a trader- 

  • The expert advisor is an application that helps to automate market analysis and forex trading. It is nothing but a trading robot that helps a trader in forex trading and technical analysis of the market.  
  • There is a tool called customer indicator that helps a trader analyse the market situation accurately. The job of the indicators is to show the market condition, not to perform trading operations. But with the built-in technical indicators, the instruments can execute any analytical algorithm. 
  • There is a small application called the script. It can be executed one time for performing a simple action. For example, a script can be used for deleting all objects from the chart, closing all orders or placing a number of due orders in an open trading position. 
  • A set of simple custom functions is called a library. Here the commonly used parts of custom applications are stored and distributed. 


Exciting Features Offered By MetaTrader 4:  

  • This platform allows you to exchange trading along with forex. 
  •  In this trading platform programs run about 20 times faster than in any other trading platform. 
  •  You get access to MQL 5 cloud network. It helps you receive hrs of calculation in only 30 minutes. 
  • Here you get a multithreaded strategy tester. 


The Bottom Line 

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular forex trading platform that has millions of users all across the globe. it has so many features and functions that enable a trader to do forex trading easily and conveniently. The ease of use and simple-to-understand interface are the reasons why people love this platform so much.


Later one more developed version of MT 4 hit the market equally popular with forex traders. There are innumerable trading platforms available in the market but MetaTrader 4 and 5 have swept the market by storm. There is no other platform available in the market with so many features and functions.  


It is easy to open a forex trading account in the MT 4 Trading platform. the interface is so simple that any novice trader easily understands the work and finds the features on the homepage. Since its advent MetaTrader 4 has been immensely successful among forex traders. After that many trading platforms came into the market but could not achieve the popularity and success of MT 4.  


There is a very useful feature in this trading platform – that opening a demo or live account is pretty easy. Any new trader can use the demo account for understanding the market conditions and how things work in the forex trading market. With a demo account, a trader can trade without risking his real money. After practising and learning with a demo account they can start dealing from a real account.  



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